7 Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools Every Marketer Should Know

Twitter Hashtag tracking is, as we all know, have become an essential feature of the social media spectrum. A hashtag allows users across diverse platforms around the world to share content on mutual interests.

tracking is commonly the keywords or phrases that highlight the activity of particular content or event – be it text, images, or videos. Users generally search for keywords linking to their interests.

tracking is the reach and impressions of relevant or campaign-specific hashtags and its consumer engagement is essential for measuring the performance of existing social media marketing campaigns or better understanding the trends among the audience to design more effective and efficient social media strategies.

Twitter hashtag tracking tools assist in finding all the relevant content from social media. This article highlights the Twitter hashtag tracking tools every marketer must be mindful of.

Try 7 Awesome Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools

1. Taggbox

Hashtags are a key element for social media activities for Taggbox. The social wall feature of Taggbox allows you to collaborate and exhibit user-generated content from anywhere in the world with simple aggregation and curation of relevant content by tracking the concerned hashtag(s).

Besides, it also motivates the users or the audience to generate and post content over social media about the brand, as their content can be displayed on the social wall – at an event, seminar, website, or publicly displayed digital screens.

For marketers, Taggbox enables them to get deeper insights into the activities and the performance of relevant hashtags by monitoring and analyzing the reach, impressions, public and privates the content fetched.

Also, personalization and moderation of content derived from hashtags allow you to display the best and most engaging content and filter out the unwanted, non-performing hashtags.

2. Keyhole

Keyhole is another social media analytics management tool that enables users to measure hashtag analytics and influencers’ activities over different platforms.

It is an easy-to-use and user-friendly tool to generate customized reports, tracking the number of posts containing your defined hashtag in real-time.


It has a feature that allows you to find trends of key hashtags that the influencers are using in their social media activities. Besides this, it provides performance analytics for your hashtags and a word cloud suggesting relevant hashtags to your pre-defined hashtag. 

Basically, Keyhole provides simplified real-time data on hashtag performance, its reach, engagement, impressions, and top sources and supported suggestions. 

3. Hashtagify

Hashtagify, as the name suggests, is a dedicated platform for analyzing, monitoring, and strategizing your hashtag marketing in the social media spectrum.

Its hashtag intelligence lets you grow business, improve campaign effectiveness and efficiency over Twitter and Instagram. 


Hashtagify provides a hashtag search engine that lets you explore the most popular, relevant, high-performing hashtags. Further, you can find the trending hashtags, their current performance, the correlation among them, analyze patterns, and top influencers using these hashtags. 

It helps you in the collection of data, presentation, and downloading of reports associated with the tracked hashtags, the extension of reach, identifying trends among influencers, and detailed scrutiny of a hashtag over a period. 

4. RiteTag

Ritetag is a simple easy-to-use hashtag analysis tool that allows you to track the performance of a hashtag, explore new hashtags and provide chrome extensions to get hashtag suggestions for a piece of content. 


The major feature of RiteTag is that it measures the performance of a hashtag based on the intensity of its engagement with the users i.e. number of clicks, likes, mentions, and retweets. This results in generating highly discoverable content with extended potential reach and clicks. 

5. Hashtracking

Similar to Hashtagify, Hashtracking is also a dedicated tool for monitoring and analysis of hashtag performance. But it is more detail-oriented in comparison. 

It provides real-time performance and hashtag tracking metrics combined with the historical Instagram and Twitter hashtags analytics report. 


Similarly, it also provides the metrics on the reach, clicks, impressions, and a list of content with the mentions. Further, it enables you to create infographics for your content and analytics. 

6. Talkwalker

Talkwalker is a marketing tool that allows you to measure the impact of a defined hashtag by employing diverse analysis metrics such as engagement, sentiment, potential reach on various social media platforms in real-time. You can also evaluate the evolution of a hashtag’s performance over time and customize your campaign by monitoring the hashtags creating buzz over social media.


The inclusion of 185 languages lets it translate data automatically from different parts across the globe and attract vast audience groups. 

7. Mention

Mention as the name suggests is a platform that helps businesses analyze mentions across different platforms accompanied by an analytics tool that tracks user actions, generates results, and reaches a massive audience by recognizing major hashtag trends and influencers.


It is a multi-tasking tool that helps a business in building an online reputation, monitoring real-time data, tracking hashtag activities, and identifying the rate of recurrence and intensity.  Further, the sentiment analysis assists in tracking the engagement of the audience with the best performing hashtags and content.

It lets you create understandable reports and insights, find influencers, provide real-time analytics assisting in making data-driven decisions.


From the marketing perspective, hashtags let you identify your target audience easily and efficiently, which unfolds the potential for establishing audience networks, developing brand identity and awareness, building digital communities, and exploring fresh audiences.

Hashtag tracking tools expand your campaign reach, track and report the performance of your hashtags and establish better engagement with the audience. 

Although deciding which tool to use is dependent directly on your requirements and goals. Some of these platforms provide 360-degree solutions for your social media strategies.

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