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Best Practices For Facebook and Instagram Marketing 2023

Do We Admire Social Media Enough? What is SMM (Social Media Marketing)? How can a profile get more interaction (Reactions, Comments, and Shares)? Is SMM free? Take it easy, in fact, the answers are more straightforward than you think! 😊 We will share with you everything you need to know about Facebook & Instagram Optimization in SMM!

What Is Social Media Marketing (A.K.A. “S.M.M.”)?

In simple terms: Social Media Marketing is the process of creating your style of content using each social media platform to express yourself for the right audience to make them interact and share. However, S.M.M. doesn’t work alone, since its companion called “Social Media Optimization” or “S.M.O.” does a similar job. (People often use the two terms interchangeably, forgetting their core differences) But what is “Social Media Optimization“? Is it related to S.M.M.? Social Media Optimization is the counterpart of Search Engine Optimization (the famous “S.E.O.” or sometimes called “SEO”), this one, however, works on social media platforms, instead of search engines. Ok. Enough definitions. Well, not really, there are three main terms you should know before digging into the bones! those terms are:
  • The Marketing Goal (short term and long term).
  • The Audience.
  • The Profile Style.

Defining Your Goal

What do you want? Likes? Shares? Sales? Do you want 100 followers in a week, month, year? Define your goals, the long and short ones. A good example could be: “My awesome plan for social media:”

Short Term:

Long Term:

  • Becoming an Instagram influencer.
  • Get my F.B. post shared by a famous person.

Knowing (Understanding!) Your Audience:

The most essential thing in every industry is defining your target audience, a group of people who may benefit from your services depending on their interests.  For example, if you are selling learning crates, your audience is parents, and kindergartner owners/managers, because they are the individuals who might be interested in your products.

Your Style:

Ask yourself: “What makes me different?” ” How is my content unique? ” You can divide the answer into two sections:
  • Visual Identity: logo, images, typography, creative design, and colors.
  • Content: How do you make your audience FEEL when reading your content?
How do you reply to feedback, reviews, comments, and messages? Only now we can get into the practical stuff! 

First, Let’s Start With Facebook (Organic, Free):

Before anything, you have to optimize your profile. Put all the information in the about section, your email, description, location, etc.… If you don’t know how then this video will help you. The most important thing to do is adding an action button, like “Call Us” or “Shop Now.” For Facebook, keep in mind that there are three main categories to work on:

1. Posting:

Let’s talk about the post basics: Two fundamental principles: Frequency and timing. You should post regularly (per day if possible), and understand the best times to post (it depends on your audience, get ready to do heavy testing!). With that in mind, your formats should vary, don’t post only images, throw a few videos in there too! GIFS, live sessions, and mid-length articles are a must as well. Make your post unique, friendly, and fun! Here are some tips on that: Ask Questions: End your post with a poll, ask people about their opinion and reviews, or post a puzzle to make the interaction with your page a fun activity. Loyalty Competitions: Ask people to comment on your post, and share them to get a discount on one of your products. There are many types of competitions like (Commenting, Share, Best Comment, Best Caption, The Most Likes In A Single Comment…) Regular posts: Share your products or services, tips, and updates, you should keep a consistent quality control of the content at all means!

2. Hashtags:

Hashtags should be related to the topic. You can search for the rated hashtags for your post, by Googling: “Best hashtags for roofers,” for example.

3. Stories:

Try sharing several stories a day, mix the format by adding videos, images, polls, or even a “GOOD MORNING PEOPLE” story would be awesome! Share offers in stories; that way, you make people stand-by and wait for your next piece of content, plus, fewer people will view it, and that could make them feel special!

4. Messenger:

Answer queries and questions as fast as possible. If you are too busy for it, consider a V.A., or you can use a chatbot. Neil Patel (and us) recommends a free one called Mobile Monkey.

For Instagram (Organic, Free):

Optimize your profile on Instagram by:

1. Making A Business Profile:

The business profile tells people that you are selling products or services. Here’s how to do it: After going to your profile, click in the top right corner then click in settings. You will find a list of actions, click on account. Select: Switch to a professional account. Now, click on the business, you will find categories options, select your type of business.

2. Profile Picture And Bio:

Profile Picture: It’s tiny, so make it as catchy as possible. Bio: Include a summary of the business, and a link to your website.

3. Posts:

The same thing as Facebook, but use related hashtags without exaggerating the number of hashtags, just some rated and related. Get creative with photos, share custom designs, and high-quality images. This will make people follow you right away!

4. Stories:

Instagram is a place for photos and videos. Therefore, multimedia stories will grab people’s attention! I recommend at least one story per day, because, even if they don’t see your posts, you have a high chance of appearing in their story feed. Share your photos, videos, questions, reviews, and more. On both posts and stories, you should know something: It’s not all about your business, you have to share more than that because if all of your posts are focusing on your products or your services, customers will lose interest.

Tips for both Facebook and Instagram Marketing

  • Always respond for messages as fast as you can so people will be encouraged to ask you again and respect you.
  • Don’t stop posting!
  • Use your keywords in your posts and your description.
  • Reply to your comments with funny, friendly replies (Be Human).
  • Don’t overuse the hashtags, just a few rated and related hashtags.
  • If you are doing better on Facebook, link to your Instagram account from Facebook, you can use this method, and I will show you how in this example: You can tell people to follow you on Instagram to see your new offers or you can till your followers to follow you on Instagram as a part of a competition you are running on Facebook.
  • Make your Facebook page related to your Instagram account; you have to keep the visual identity the same on both.
  • Share videos.
Conclusion:  After all, organic traffic on social media platforms is decreasing. Therefore, you have to work hard, optimizing your accounts. That doesn’t mean you can’t get the traffic you want; you can get all of what you want, but, in my opinion, you need to be different and unique. Thank you for reading.

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